ONEPOIN.COM - Students are one of the groups learned that often require knowledge while looking for money and a number are forced to seek employment outside their study time that can still undergoing study and pay the costs of daily living. If you're a college student or ever, some of you must have something to look for additional money to help ease the burden of parents or just want to learn to make money themselves.

student who want to have their own income, some business ideas in the form of services that you can offer the following online can be a new inspiration:

Services Authors Blog
If you have a flair in writing, you can start making money from your writing. Efforts in the field of writing or commonly referred to Freelance Writing though not many who pursue this business is very promising if it can be managed properly. In addition to not need capital, you're not bound by time. If you already have a personal blog that contains the results of your writing work itself, it will be a plus for you because you only need to promote your work to social media. Some good websites from large enterprises down to small businesses need content to fill their website. Well, Pekku goers can see this opportunity to become a writer for their website content.

Hair Cut Services

People's lifestyles are increasingly developing into one of the factors the growth of new business opportunities. One that is now shining a service business men's haircut or barbershop. Men's barbershop or salon is very popular among young people because they always offer haircuts in the style of the most recent and best. Have this business would require skill or expertise to fulfill the wishes and customer satisfaction. If you have a talent in this area, you can make it as a business.But, in addition to talent, you also have to commit to always follow the trends that are interested in the community. For example, what hair style in vogue today's youth. If Pekku goers staying in the area near the campus, you can take advantage of this strategic location with good hip salon services for men because certainly a lot of friends kampusmu who need it. Moreover, when you give a cheap price for them. Your business is guaranteed to be more crowded and demand!

Design Services

If you are a student majoring in graphic design, you can memanfaatka expertise that has been studied as a capital to do business online. Some types of work in the graphic design that you can sell online is the logo creation services, design services drawing shirt (t-shirt), banner ads, banner-making website, creation of background, the manufacture of illustration, vector graphics manufacture and so on. Even if possible you could offer printing services from brochures, banners, photos, t-shirts and others. While studying the lessons in the course, you can open a graphic design services and promoted online in social media.

Tutoring Services
As a student, you can use the knowledge in basic subjects such as mathematics, Indonesian, English, and so on to be a private tutor to provide tutoring for elementary to high school students. If you are really interested in this business, you can expand it by gathering your friends who also mastered the basic subject areas to provide tutoring in the group. Of course, as a business owner, you should still intervene in order to run properly. For business promotion, you can collaborate with teachers in schools to help promote your services at the time the increase in class or online through personal social media accounts. It's easy, is not it?

Photography & Videography Services

Effort that is usually developed from a hobby photographing and video shared by most young people today. For those of you who have good taste in mengkomposiskan image or scene, you can use this ability to become a freelance photographer and videographer (freelance) as a venture capital business onlie. But before starting this business, be sure that you have enough knowledge about the world of photography and videography. As a promotional tool, use your personal social media accounts.

Business ideas above our chosen based on several factors which must be adapted to the criteria of a student, for example, can be done without requiring a lot of capital, labor, and time.

Tips from our: Starting a business is going to give an outstanding experience. But for you who are new to online business is not to forget about your main duties as a student. Remember your goal to start a business is to foster a better future. Be disciplined and manage your time well to keep it in college, achievement, business and keep it running.

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