Oops, Facebook users Know Who Saw They Postings

Onepoin.com - Currently Facebook users can not know the number of people who have seen the post early in their personal accounts. However, due to a newly discovered bug in the service, a user can know it.

Reported by Business Insider, Friday (16/10/2015), a number of users reported no description of the number of people who have seen their blog posts. Remarks "Views" appears perched beside the "Like" at the bottom of the post.

The new features are in the same place, with other features typically include the number of people or accounts that me-Like and comment on blog posts Facebook.

Number of Facebook users who experience it, has posted a screenshot that shows these features to Twitter. Some of them were surprised by the presence of "Views" is.

One of them is seeing the feature is Steven Robles. "Does anyone also see the" views "on their Facebook post now?" Robles chirping withstephenrobles account on Twitter.  

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